The Research for the current Jatropha

The Research for the current Jatropha Project was carried out by our technical team and a concurrent independent feasibility study was carried out by Professor B. Roozbehani.

Professor B. Roozbehani was recommended to us by Bio-Fuel Industry experts and Petro Chemical experts in the Middle East.

Professor B. Roozbehani has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and is a visiting Professor at the Rice University, Houston Texas. He is the Owner of 7 patents in converting Fuel Oil as well as Waste Plastics into middle distillates such as Gasoline and Gas Oil. Gasoline made out of waste plastics convey no sulphur and hence it is called Zero-Sulphur-Gasoline and Diesel.

Our own research consisted of the study of over 50 technical papers over a 6-month period, regarding the research that has been carried out by numerous institutions and scholars, with regards to growing, harvesting, oil extraction and processing of Jatropha seeds into Bio-Fuel and other by products. These papers covered the countries that are involved with these processes where similarities to our project region were explored. After analysing the numbers, the team took a conservative approach to yields, processing costs and finished goods sales, and these formed the foundation for the financial projections

With regards to land costs, seed costs, labour, etc, these are actual direct costs that have been researched by our team in the respective region

Once we reviewed and compared our research against the Professors research, we found that both our conclusions and financial projections in most areas were very close