Jatropha Plantation Project

We are a Cambodia based company specialising in the research, innovation and sustainability of renewable production processes in the agricultural, industrial and technology sectors. By co-managing our worldwide Green focused projects in these sectors, we ensure maximum compliance with sustainable environmentally friendly production practices with a focus on social and economic upliftment, skills and infrastructure development, whilst achieving our financial and profitability targets. Our focus on agricultural and production projects in the Biofuel and Biomass sectors allows us to develop and contribute to a sustainable, environmentally friendly substitute to fossil fuels that will benefit our planet and our future generations.
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Leading the way in Jatropha Research, Innovation, and Sustainability

Innovation is the driving force behind our endeavors. We constantly push the boundaries of what is possible with Jatropha, seeking new ways to harness its oil-rich seeds and leverage their potential. Our team of scientists, engineers, and visionaries collaborates closely to develop cutting-edge technologies, refining extraction methods, and improving efficiency in biofuel production. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and lead the industry in sustainable innovation.


Our initial project in Cambodia, is the sustainable production of Biodiesel from oil extracted from the Jatropha Carcus plant, a plant that is hardy, grows in non-arable soil, is non edible, so does not compete with food production and thrives on little water. Oil is extracted from the seed, then converted to Biodiesel and the seed residue is then used as a natural fertiliser or used for Biogas production.

Apart from Biodiesel production, we will be developing skills and infrastructure for the local population, assisting in their social and economic upliftment and reducing the country’s reliance on fossil fuels, thus reducing their carbon footprint.

Our future projects are to expand Biodiesel production in Malysia, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.